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"I've never done a private coaching before so going in I was more than a little nervous. Pamela's warm heart immediately calmed me, and from there she built up my confidence more than I thought possible. Her coaching method not only helped me get over some residual doubt, but actually helped me land a co-star role on a new CBS show!

Her prices are also great. Especially considering how expensive coaching can be in the city. I say run to her now before she gets the sense to raise her rates!"

-Aramis Klein

"It has been a wonderful experience coaching with Pamela. My skills and technique, knowledge of acting, and passion for the craft have grown tremendously as a result of our work together. Pamela is talented, fun, professional, organized, effective, but most importantly very kind. Pamela brings 100% energy and attention to every session and treats every script that we work on as a real audition. Her approach to coaching really works for me. She creates a productive, yet comfortable environment for her students to develop freely and organically. 


I have benefited most from Pamela’s ability to gently push me outside of my comfort zone; exploring aspects of myself that may not have been discovered. We spend time both on and off the page of the script, developing skills that will serve me well serve me well in any acting capacity and beyond. 


I am delighted to spend these fundamental months developing with Pamela and I thank her for guidance, patience, wisdom, and encouragement. I am very excited to see what 2020 has in store for the both of us and I look forward to continuing to work with my with Pamela."

-Ashley Tucker

"I cannot sing the praises of Pamela Daly enough- both as an acting coach to my teenage son and as a person in general. She is authentically kind and extraordinarily knowledgeable. She cares about people. During their acting sessions, Pamela challenges my son gracefully yet mightily and pushes him to be better. From what I observe, she is determined to help actors perfect their craft. I am so grateful to have met her and to have my son work along side of her on his journey as an actor."


"Words can’t adequately express how grateful Lawsen and I are to be partnering with Pamela. She is a fabulous coach with immeasurable experience, patience, kindness, humor, and passion for her craft, her students, and the industry.


Lawsen has completely grown as an actor since working with Pamela.  He has become more open to exploring characters, accents, and is learning to tap into emotions that are real and raw. He is also learning how to properly read scripts, prepare for auditions, and critique himself on self-tapes.


As a parent, it is such a joy to see my son get excited about each session. While there are benefits to having in person coaches, Skype and Zoom, have worked well for us. Pamela is easy to work and is  flexible with session times that do not conflict with school, church, and sports. Her emails with outlined expectations are guided and clear. Her system for payment is easy.


We are extremely grateful for Pamela and value the relationship we have developed. We consider her more than a coach. She has become a lifelong friend!"

-Nesia Campbell, Mother of Lawsen Campbell

"Since the day my daughter started working with Pamela, we've seen an incredible improvement in her acting and her approach to her work.  Pamela is warm, nurturing and professional.  She is a true pleasure to work with.  My daughter looks forward to her time with Pamela each week and the growth she has shown in such a short time has been remarkable." 


"Recently my granddaughter had the pleasure of attending The Freeing the Actor workshop with Pamela Daly. She had the kids engage in a series of exercises to help them connect with their thoughts and feelings on a deeper level.  At first glance one might think 'what does this have to do with acting?" I can assure you they have EVERYTHING to do with acting and the benefits quickly materialized during the second half of the seminar when Jaida did her dramatic monologue about a girl with a brain injury who fears she will never be the same. In the script the girl expresses her sorrow, through tears, about her inability to return to life before the brain injury. Prior to this workshop Jaida was not able to make that deep, emotional connection that allowed her to cry in this portion of the scene.  After "freeing her mind" with Pamela, and a few extra "pointers," Jaida performed a VERY impressive dramatic monologue with REAL AUTHENTIC TEARS (I must admit I cried too)!!  We certainly plan to continue working with Pamela to take advantage of all the knowledge she has to offer!"

-Jaida Robeson's Grandma Gidget

"My son, Baylen, started in the TV/Film industry in the summer of 2019. He had just turned 5 years old. Baylen had his first self-tape audition for a major motion picture. Although excited to get started, we really had no experience in creating a self-tape for submission. We had very limited time to teach Baylen three pages worth of lines and set up our taping location. Baylen’s manager suggested we work with Pamela Daly to help create a solid submission. We emailed Pamela one day prior to submission day and she made herself available during the time we could shoot. First, she walked us through how to set up our camera and lights. Then she started to work specifically with Baylen on his performance. No detail was left unturned. She provided real-time feedback via Skype. We had her set up right behind the camera so she could see exactly how things looked. We taped both his slate and his scene and sent the videos to Pamela. Within minutes she had them reviewed and offered additional feedback. We would adjust, re-tape and then send them to her. She was able to provide me, a newbie mom, great tips and direction. She was also able to connect with little Baylen and give him the tools and advice that a 5-year-old could comprehend and implement. It was truly fascinating to experience.

We eagerly submitted Bay’s videos, but realistically knew it was a long shot.

Fast forward two months and I am sitting on the set of a major motion picture while Baylen is surrounded by an entire cast and crew as he is shooting his first scene. He got the part! It is surreal. There is no way he would have landed this job if we did not work with Pamela. Once he booked the job, we had two more sessions with Pam to help Baylen perfect his scenes. She has great energy and really engages my son. Pamela single handedly catapulted Baylen’s career.

Lastly, navigating this industry is tough. It’s been difficult to know who to trust. Pamela quickly gained my trust. She reached out to me to check in on us when we got on set. She advised and consoled me when things got overwhelming. For me, as a mom, Pamela’s personal attention to detail is unprecedented and greatly appreciated. Her caring way is truly unique and something I value in our working relationship. Baylen and I agree, Pamela is the best coach!"

-Baylen Bielitz's mom, Laura

From Victoria Keairns:

Thank you soo much for everything you have done for me since we started coaching. You have made me a stronger actor, better person, and truly teaching me to accept my craziness! You are my role model, anything you do... you do 10000% I look up to you for that! Thank you again. I look forward to continue training with you!



From Dana Baker (Victoria Keairns Mom):

As a mother please know that I am in awe of what you have done with Victoria. She loves her time with you, she (and I) have the upmost respect for you and your talent! I believe whole heartedly that she would not be where she is had we not met you in New York, you give her confidence, you challenge her, the respect she has for you and the need for her to do well for you warms my heart!

Last year she cried every day from drama at school, this year she has matured, she sets goals and goes for them, I thank you for that!


From Megan Cavallaro:

Pamela Daly is a remarkable, talented, kind, and genuine coach. She has helped me not only become a better actor, but also a better person. I’ve been working with her for 2 months now and I’ve already seen significant improvement. She is helping me break out of my shell and become a truer version of myself.
Pamela is so dedicated to each and every one of her students and their growth and celebrates every success with us. No matter how big or small, Pamela has encouraged me every step of the way.
I highly recommend Pamela to anyone who is ready to take the next step in their acting career. Be prepared to put forward the effort, and the results will follow.
I am extremely grateful for everything Pamela has helped me achieve this far, and I can’t wait to see what’s in the near future.


From DeLainey Williams:

In my two months of working with Pamela, she has deepened me emotionally as an actress and given me the tools to ensure I feel fully prepared for any audition I may get. Pamela has taken the time to make sure that as a student, I am getting everything I need to grow into the best actress I can be. When we were working on deepening me emotionally, she made sure I always felt comfortable and safe to explore whatever emotions came to me and taught me how to put those into my acting. Working with Pamela has been an absolute joy, and I look always look forward to our sessions. Anyone who has the chance to work with Pamela will be in such good hands.

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